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 The most cinematic game scene you've seen! *SPOILERS*

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PostSubject: The most cinematic game scene you've seen! *SPOILERS*   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:57 am

Hey guys

The PS3 is a truly fantastic console. And with Blu ray disc support, games look even more astounding!

And so many games have so many well animated and well scripted scenes. I want to know what your favourite game scene is. It can be a game scene for all consoles (as long as its on PS3), it can be a cartoon game, your choice!

With all the amazing games on offer for the PS3, I have to say, its quite hard to decide which game gets the most cinematic scene...

I think the Uncharted 2 scene where Drake is on a train and he blows up the canister a long with the train is quite cool. I also think that Modern Warfare 1 and 2 had dramatic endings.

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PostSubject: Re: The most cinematic game scene you've seen! *SPOILERS*   Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:48 pm

I doubt Easter eggs count, because although they're not really scenes, some are just great. But Idk, I've seen a few scenes from UC2 and it's pretty awesome graphic-wise. I can't really just choose one scene, but when it comes down to it, 6 games grab my attention. Assassins Creed II, Batman: Arkham Asylum, God Of War 3, inFamous, The Force Unleashed and Uncharted 2 all hyave a few great scenes. All for different reasons, like the mildly disturbing graphic effects in God Of War 3 (including ripping peoples' heads off, or beating Zeus till his face is nothing but a smear on the rocks), to suspense in inFamous and Uncharted 2 , to the very intriguing story behind TFU, and the crazy nervous and excited feeling you get in Arkham Asylum when Scarecrow plays his mind-tricks. Those are the things that really complete games IMO, and why 5 of those are in my top 10 favorite games. (I don't own UC2)
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The most cinematic game scene you've seen! *SPOILERS*
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