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 What HD remakes would you like?

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PostSubject: What HD remakes would you like?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:32 am

Yo [Gen] clan

Hopefully, I'll be getting the Sly collection on my birthday this year. The Sly Collection has HD graphics, Playstation Move support and 3D support Shocked Shocked Wow

Anyway, I'm only getting it because I never played the Sly games properly, a part from demos and the odd go at my friends house, however, there are so many wonderful classics for both the Playstation 1 and 2!

Which old games/ franchises would you love to see make a stunning modified HD remake? the Jak and Daxter series? Spiderman for the first Playstation? You decide

In case some people are slightly confused, a remake is simply an old game coming to the next generation consoles, with slight modifications. Usually, the story line is only altered a tiny bit, but other than that, its the same game in amazing HD graphics, and other small features added in aswell.

Personally, I'd love to see Tarzan on the PS3 get a HD remake! I seriously adored playing that game when I was younger, so get it a remake someone!!! Idea

M@$K3D M3N@C3
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PostSubject: Re: What HD remakes would you like?   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:00 pm

Remakes are great and all, but really Sony is taking advantage of the fact that only 2 kinds of PS3's had backwards compatibility, and the 80GB only works for 75% of the games. I couldn't complain until my amazing 60 GB (the best PS3 to date) got the YLOD, because I love my PS2 games, and my few PS1 games, and I'm not gonna give that up. It's useful for those who didn't play the originals though, as they're at retail price for 2-3 games ($40-60 depending on the amount of games within) This worked in my case for the first 2 GOW games. I personally, unless there's a bunch of extra features (or my PS3 can't be fixed) won't get the Sly Collection since I already own all 3.
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What HD remakes would you like?
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